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We believe in building trust before we guide you through unknown territory, through first taking the time to learn about you and your business. We won’t just tell you about what needs to be done - we’ll take the time to help you understand the “why.”


We’ll ensure we identify the risks and the related probability and impact of those risks - and quickly develop an action plan to address. Terminations, employee conflicts, claims of discrimination, layoffs, medical leaves of absence – we can help to ensure you minimize risk!


We’ll either leave you with the tools to handle on your own or we’d be happy to work closely with you and guide you through the process.


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“Good planning is important. I've also regarded a sense of humor as one of the most important things on a big expedition.” -Edmund Hillary

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Jill Shroyer, PHR
Lead Consultant/Founder

Hello – I am Jill Shroyer and I am an expert “Sticky Situation” solver! I am also a best-selling author and “Chief HR Nerd” at my company, Expedition HR Consulting. In my life outside of work, I love to travel abroad, mountain bike, speak Spanish, and ski deep powder.

Here at Expedition HR, we “take the scary out of HR!” We help small, start-up, and growing businesses quickly learn exactly what they need to know about HR… with the goal of minimizing recurring Sticky Situations.

What is a “Sticky Situation” you may be asking? It’s those yucky, uncomfortable, and dreaded situations in the workplace that we avoid addressing! You know, those situations which cause anxiety, headaches, loss of sleep… the list goes on…

I am one of those weird people who leans into these situations when others lean out… I know exactly what questions to ask and what needs to be said to get to a resolution… the RIGHT way… and quickly. I have a keen knack for identifying where the situation may have gone wrong to help your business prevent similar issues in the future.

On any good expedition, trust must be established first. I would love the opportunity to earn that trust with you through my free, no obligation 30-minute consult. I ensure you take away a free, valuable “HR nugget" which you can apply right away. If you think our services may be a good fit, let’s start with the free consult and see where that takes us.

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Before you go, to access my exact formula for addressing Sticky Situations at work (and in life!), check out my recently released best-selling book – Conquer Sticky Situations